We work with a new generation of fuel dispensers. The diesel dispensers can be installed directly on tanks, against walls or on the ground with the aid of a pedestal. Various models are available according to equipment: fuel dispensers with mechanical or electronic flow meters.


We offer a wide range of electric pumps specifically designed for fuel transfer. Our range includes self-priming, CE-certified AC pumps (120/230 V) and DC pumps (12/24 V) DC. Compact and easy to handle, they offer long service life and excellent value for money. Our pumps can be supplied with a wide range of accessories that make them quick and easy to install on any plant.


Flow meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed, and professionals need precise, reliable, robust instruments. Our products response to these requirements is a comprehensive range of digital and mechanical flow meters, some of which stand out for their light weight and precision, and others for their strength and reliability.


In every garage, mechanics need to be able to dispense precise quantities of liquid or grease without any waste: our metering nozzles provide the solution. Our range also includes metering nozzles for grease, which are robust and reliable.


To complete the equipment of dispensers, we offer a wide range of manual and automatic nozzles for refueling. The manual nozzles stand out for their high efficiency and ease of use. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, to cover a vast range of requirements. Our automatic nozzles are equipped with a device that shuts off delivery when the tank is full. Robust and equipped with a swivel coupling, they comply with the most stringent safety standards.


Every automotive workshop needs an oil-change station: if you are looking for a compact, easy-to-use, professional solution, we have a range of oil suction pumps and portable modules for filtering engine oil. Our range of garage equipment is completed with grease pumps, drum pumps and oil transfer pumps.


Organizations that manage large fleets of vehicles, or have underground or overground tanks, need to be able to monitor users and vehicles, and to be promptly alerted to changes in fluid levels. Our level indicators integrate perfectly with our control software, making it possible to monitor fuel tank levels even from remote locations, activate alarms, measure quantities dispensed and export all the data to external systems for control and analysis purposes.


Our range of accessories includes diesel fuel hoses, couplings and reels. Our products are reliable,safe and efficient. The accessories can be used to customize our products according to customer requirements. For example, you can buy a single pump, complete it with a fuel hose of a specified length, and use our couplings to make safe, clean connections.


Modern diesel engines need fuel that is as free as possible from impurities and water: our pumps can be equipped with mechanical filters to protect the pump itself from coarse impurities, and external filters to remove any finer impurities or water that may be present in the fuel.

Note: The images provided are for illustrative purposes only. We have specific products according to the needs of our customers. Please contact us, we are pleased to present the most suitable product for you.

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